As a charity-shop addict, it’s clear how important traditional, physical fundraising is for regular, sustainable revenue streams. With the growth of social media, we’ve seen the enormous power of big events and campaigns to bring people together to fundraise for health charities. Now, with billions in lockdown, fundraising for patient groups has to shift to the virtual. 

It’s not always an easy transition. Charities big and small are struggling financially during the lockdown, at a time when patient groups are seeing huge spikes in demand for services and advice. One UK charity focuses on bringing together in one place examples of best practice in charity fundraising.


The UK-based charity SOFII, Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration, continues to add to a section on its site focusing on fundraising during the ongoing global crisis. It brings together links to tools, blogs, resources and research into ways to respond to the challenge of fundraising in the current climate.

For example, there’s a link to a recent webinar from the Institute of Fundraising on managing relationships with donors during the crisis. There’s also a link to an ongoing sentiment tracker from research agency About Loyalty.  

Their latest research summary has both bad and good news for health charities and patient groups:

  • For all charities, 30% of people say they intend to stop or reduce their donations
  • But “All age groups have cited elderly and health charities as the highest in terms of importance…disability charities came in a close fourth behind health support charities.”

 – Summary from April 2nd 2020, About Loyalty Covid-19 Sentiment tracker


Aside from the Covid-19 emergency, the site has built up a large selection of best practice stories and case studies on innovative approaches to fundraising, including from patient groups and health charities. Sometimes the materials are from the charities themselves, in others they are from the creative agencies who helping with the fundraising campaign profiled. 

For example, there’s a case study on the Stichting ALS Nederland (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Foundation Netherlands). In a powerful campaign, they filmed nine patients with ALS, all of whom died before their contributions were shared. The campaign core message was “Support the ALS Foundation Netherlands. But not for me – I have already died.” Donations increased by around 500%.

There’s a detailed case study on how the Alzheimer’s Society streamlined its donation website, converting more people browsing from 22% to 65% and improving overall online donations by 72%.


Visit the charity’s section on fundraising during the current pandemic at…

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