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Even before the lockdown in our house we’d tried to introduce a swear box to curb obsessive conversations about COVID-19. So, it was great to see a Canadian brain tumour patient group introducing a virtual ‘swear jar’ as part of their suite of creative and rapidly adapted fundraising activities.

Filling The Swear Jar

Like so many patient groups that rely on big events for fundraising, the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has almost overnight reinvented its approach to keep donations coming in.     

There are few locked-down families that can avoid endless conversations about the pandemic, so it could be that their virtual ‘swear jar’ may generate some significant revenue:

“COVID-19 Swear Jar: Put $1, $2 or $5 into a jar whenever you use the word “COVID-19” or “coronavirus” and encourage your friends to do the same.” – Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

Replacing Walks and Fun Runs

Many charities have replaced their fun runs this year with virtual ‘events’. A lot of these are themed around the number ‘26’, to match the number of miles in a marathon. The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada goes one better – focusing on the number ‘27’. The rationale is that every day 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour. To mark this, their planned national walk fundraiser on 27 June is now entirely virtual.

As the group puts it:

“No matter where you are, who you are with, or how you choose to take steps (walking, dancing, cycling), we will do it together. We look forward to seeing the creative ways you will take your steps to #EndBrainTumours” – Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

Uniting People In Lockdown

Finally, the Foundation recognises the importance of bringing people together virtually to fundraise. Introducing the virtual 27 June walk the Foundation says:

“The feelings of isolation and helplessness faced by the brain tumour community this year are unprecedented. COVID-19 has led to changes and challenges for so many Canadians undergoing treatment, from rescheduled appointments to not being able to visit loved ones in hospital. That’s why it is so important to come together as individuals and as a nation to support each other.” – Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.


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