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Endometriosis is common, affecting more than 10% of women worldwide – around 180 million people. It’s notoriously difficult and lengthy to diagnose, and incurable, so the clinical focus is on symptom tracking and relief. Apps can play an important role in this, and the non-profit organisation Endometriosis Foundation of America recommends apps on its website.

Patient organisation recommends apps

We’ve always argued that patient groups are best placed to review, recommend and advise on apps. 

The Endometriosis Foundation of America raises awareness of the disease, provides advocacy and patient education, facilitates surgical training, and funds landmark research. 

Their website includes a page recommending a range of endometriosis apps.  For example, the:

  • Flutter app enables women to track their periods, ovulation, and specific symptoms which can show early indications of endometriosis and other reproductive illnesses.
  • Endo Empowered app is designed to help women with endometriosis to use holistic and natural approaches to managing their symptoms, including a 21-day programme of daily steps on diet, lifestyle and activity. 

From awareness to advocacy

The Foundation’s website also offers content needed on the journey from raising awareness of the condition, through to getting a diagnosis, and choosing treatments. It includes:

  • Introductory information on endometriosis and FAQs
  • Guidance on finding an endometriosis specialist
  • Tips on preparing for consultation, underpinned by tools to help track symptoms for discussion with clinicians
  • Guidance on common treatment options
  • Overview of the Foundation’s programme of awareness raising lessons for schools and local communities – ENPOWRTM (ENdometriosis Promoting Outreach and Wide Recognition).


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