Blood Pressure UK connects patients online

Blood Pressure UK connects patients online to free local checks

Blood Pressure UK is currently promoting access to Know Your Numbers! Week, the nation’s biggest blood pressure checking event by:

  • recruiting qualified centres to carry out blood pressure checks as part of its annual ‘Know your Numbers’ campaign in September
  • using an online postcode search to make it easy for people to find their most convenient centre.

High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart attacks, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and vascular dementia. By knowing your numbers and taking action to make sure your blood pressure is within the healthy range (around 120/80mmHg) you can cut your risk of developing these diseases.

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Connecting with patients is not just digital

We now have an array of remote-testing and self-testing m-health technologies to measure and share blood pressure results. However, the key barrier has always been a human one. Preventing common complications of high blood pressure has always been challenging because hypertension is largely symptomless. The situation is not helped by the fact that despite decades of public health campaigns, we remain confused about how to minimise our risk. For example, in its recent survey, Blood Pressure UK found that:

  • only 12 per cent of people knew that a high intake of salt was the largest cause of high blood pressure
  • only 6 per cent of people knew that bread and bread products contributed the most salt to our diets.
Know your numbers!

How many of us know the target ranges for blood pressure? For many years Blood Pressure UK has emphasised the importance of tracking your blood pressure. The organisation makes this a practical reality for people each year with its week-long campaign of free blood pressure checks across the country.

By the time of this year’s event, help 18th-24th September 2017, the organisation aims to have hundreds of ‘pressure stations’ from GP surgeries to gyms and workplaces, standing by to check the nation’s blood pressure. By using the postcode checker during the campaign week, people can find free a blood pressure station close to home.


Check out Blood Pressure UK’s ‘Know your Numbers’ site.

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