Alzheimer’s Association – Virtual Library to Pinterest App Pages

From a virtual library to Pinterest app pages:

Patient groups can be very versatile at bringing together comprehensive resources in one place for patient and carers. The US-based, not-for-profit, Alzheimer’s Association unites real world and virtual resources to help empower patient, carer and clinical communities.

‘Bricks and clicks’ libraries  

A few patient groups and charities have been able to invest in physical ‘bricks and mortar’ libraries, but how do you share these benefits with a more scattered patient and carer community? 

The Alzheimer’s Association share the resources of their main library in three key ways:

  • Through a network of libraries based in local ‘chapters’ or branches of the Association, which have their own collections of resources, or can order books and DVDs in from the central library for patients or carers to borrow
  • Through book loan agreements with local state libraries
  • Online through a virtual version of the main library, bringing together the physical book catalogue with digital resources. 

It’s an example reflecting the importance of meeting the needs of groups who prefer physical, printed books, with those who need the immediacy of digital support.

Pinterest app library

The Alzheimer’s Association is also creative in how it uses Pinterest to bring together shared recommendations for apps. For people who like Pinterest because it is primarily visual, it’s a good way to see at a glance a whole ‘landscape’ of apps the community finds helpful and click through to sources of more detailed information.

Suite of apps

The Association also has a wide selection of its own apps, ranging from fundraising to advocacy and sharing information about treatments.

For example, their website includes a detailed page laying out the benefits of its app ‘Science Hub’. The page includes good quality, animated screenshots to give a sense of the breadth of content and functions – far superior to app store descriptions.

By combining physical, real-world resources like books with the virtual, the Alzheimer’s Association is making it easier to reach out to patients and carers in the medium right for each person.


Visit the Alzheimer’s Association’s virtual library at…

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