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Research by PatientView with 190 patient groups worldwide for Deloitte found that:

  • Only 32% of patient groups surveyed had ‘some’ or ‘high’ trust in health apps from pharma
  • 76% of patient groups had ‘some’ or ‘high’ trust in apps produced by patient groups
  • More than 15% of patient groups have already co-created apps with pharmaceutical companies.
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Greatest trust for apps from patient groups

Research by PatientView as part of Deloitte’s report ‘Pharma and the connected patient’ confirmed that patients see patient groups as the most trusted source for health apps.

The top 4 sources of apps where patients’ groups have ‘high trust’ are from:

  • Patient groups (47%)
  • Doctors/Nurses (44%)
  • Universities (29%)
  • Patients themselves (25%)

By contrast, only 2% of respondents rated apps from pharma as ‘high’ trust.

Where next for pharma apps?

Deloitte’s report painted a stark picture of how little traction pharma health apps have gained.

Research commissioned for Research2guidance identified that:

  • Out of 3.2 billion health app downloads, pharma apps only accounted for 5.6 million
  • Of these, the Top 5 most popular pharma apps accounted for more than half of pharma app downloads.

The implication is that apart from these top five pharma apps, with around 1060 recently produced, most will struggle to be noticed or used by patients.

Are patient groups willing to co-create apps with pharma?

Whenever PatientView researches it, there are always patient groups willing, even eager, to co-create apps with pharma.  These relationships can be successful and result in well-established, popular apps, such as MyAsthma funded by GSK with patient input from Asthma UK.

28 out the 190 patient groups surveyed by PatientView, more than 15%, had already co-created apps with pharma.

Most of these relationships seem to have been successful, but a few groups identified some issues including:

  • Disappointment in content, functionality, usability and uptake
  • Withdrawal of funding and support from the company when their product licence expired
  • ‘Pop-up’ advertising within the app.


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