App Launch – Sex Education HIV Education App

Innovative app launch event by volunteer sex education group – HIV education

Volunteers from the Ponton Group of Sex Educators in Warsaw gained media coverage. This is for the launch of their HIV education app by:

  • Firstly, timing their launch of the app to be the weekend before Valentine’s Day
  • Secondly, organising a `silent disco’ dancing with music on headphones through central Warsaw
  • And thirdly, handing out leaflets about the app, with QR codes for instant access.
Getting media impact with imagination 

When most charities and patient organisations want to launch their app, in most cases, there’s little money to invest in publicity and events.  So, when the volunteers at the Polish sex education charity Ponton wanted to launch their app, they took a creative approach. They did this to engage with the public and the media.

By holding back the launch of their new app, HIV Quiz, to the weekend before Valentine’s Day, they were able to get media interest in their HIV education and testing project.

Following on, they organized a silent disco. An event where participants listen to music individually on their headphones, but all dance together through the streets. Their route took them from the heart of Warsaw to an HIV Testing centre offering free and anonymous tests.

A danced launch

PONTON is a group of young Polish activists and volunteer peer educators. They’re affiliated with the Federation for Women and Family Planning.  They are focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. So it was key to reach out to their target audience, in a way that stands out:

“I believe that such an action will help us reach wider audiences and…will attract passers-by.  People need to understand that HIV affects everyone, and that keeping your head in the sand will not protect us from infection”

– Joanna Skonieczna, Ponton Group representative

After the event, the group felt their launch had been successful:

“Despite the frosty weather it was hot, colorful and energetic. While dancing, one of our volunteers talked through a megaphone about the current situation in Poland regarding HIV, as well as how and where one can get tested. Passersby were called to join in and dance along. Ponton’s new mobile app – HIV Quiz – was promoted throughout the whole event. Volunteers handed out leaflets with condoms and encouraged to get tested for HIV.”

– Ponton, quoted in Astra CEE Bulletin

Scan for the app

In summary, the HIV Quiz app enables people who speak Polish to answer key questions about HIV including areas of risk and how to protect against possible infection.

For people living in Poland, there is a map of HIV testing locations to make it easy to find the nearest consultation and diagnostic point for free and anonymous testing.  The launch leaflet included a QR code. This makes it easy to scan and download the app, and coverage of the event in the Polish media completed the launch.


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