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Patient organisation chooses practical way to showcase its digital tool – Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation is a non-profit group organisation in the USA which offers help to patients with arthritis. When they relaunched their successful app and online tool Track and React, they used their organisation’s website to profile the app more effectively than is possible on app stores.

Cost-effective app marketing 

We are always keen to share examples where patient groups have created cost-effective ways to showcase and market their apps. It is impossible for patient groups to compete with the marketing investment made by big app developers. However, they can make smart use of their own websites and social media channels to show the app to their members. 

What lessons can be learned from how the US non-profit organisation, The Arthritis Foundation markets its app and online tool, Track + React?

Create a mini-site for the app

It’s surprisingly common for patient groups to not give much profile to their own apps. The relaunched Track and React tool has its own mini-site within the Tools and Resources section within the charity’s website.

From the home page, visitors can:

  • see at a glance the benefits of the tool, what it is, and how it works
  • sign in to use the tool
  • click for more detail on each section.
Enable ‘peek inside’

For many years, Amazon as a global leader in ecommerce has enabled potential customers to click on a link to ‘look inside’ a book. The Arthritis Foundation asks potential users to ‘peek inside’ to see annotated screenshots of their app and tool.

This proves much more effective than an app store listing.  

For example, patients can:

  • see at a glance the benefits of each section of the app and tool
  • drill down to detailed, annotated screenshots for the sections they are most interested in
  • see from the detailed screenshots, what each section offers, with an introduction for context and speech bubbles highlighting specific features and benefits within each section.
Differentiate through detail

It feels that less and less useful content is now available on app stores with increasingly limiting formats and pressure for brevity and streamlined design. The Arthritis Foundation, by contrast, uses its mini-site to enable patients to drill down to the level of information they need to make an informed choice. For once, it is possible to gain a very comprehensive picture of what an app really does, and all through the low-tech, low-cost approach of annotated screen shots. 


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